Messages I'm silencing in 2018

NYE post.jpg

The world is a loud place.

And 2017 had more than a year’s worth of voices that came forward, screaming at the top of their lungs for our attention, our money, our votes and our hearts.

I confess I often jumped into the fray, latching on to messages ad nauseum, until I was convinced I was fat, unhealthy, unsuccessful and socially unaware. (Or aware, but clearly on the wrong side.)

Lack of discernment is bad for people and brands. So here are the voices I’m silencing this year, personally and professionally:

1. “I have to everywhere, doing everything.”

Keep grinding, right? Because if you’re not grinding nonstop, someone else surely is and you’ll miss out. Please stop confusing motion with direction, friends. Pursue work that feeds your soul, give it your best, then try something unheard of: rest.

For a million reasons, give yourself permission to rest once in a while.

2. “I’m an imposter.”

Why? Because you don’t look, think or act like everyone else? Because certainly everyone else is smarter and more successful than you because their posts get tons of likes?

We’re all on stage, folks. And we all forget our lines, drop our masks and sometimes even fall into the orchestra pit, crushing a tuba. Imposters lie about it; crusaders laugh about it.

3. “I must single-handedly save every __________.”

Every project, every event, and every brand needs saving, and I must do it! Not true. Also, not possible.

4. “I must say yes to every opportunity.”

See #1 again. And remember that your target market is not every person or every company, so for the good of your brand and your sanity, only say yes to the opportunities that move them forward.

5. “I must post eighty times a day.”

Quality over quantity, people. You don’t look more successful; you just look needy.

6. “I’m a little weird and people might not understand me.”

Actually, this one’s true and I’m keeping it. This is exactly the response that follows good branding. Yes, you will be considered weird by some. Not everyone will understand you or your brand – and that’s exactly how it should be. People who love your brand of weirdness will come to you, and you’ll do amazing work for them. Others will seek out the weirdness they need someplace else.

(And if you heard “we’re all weirdos in some way” in that explanation, you’re a fearless crusader through and through. Rock on, you!)

Here’s wishing you a 2018 full of humor, fearless failures and badass successes. Open your ears and hearts to what matters and ignore the rest.