Welcome to my fearless branding crusade.


I unknowingly started this crusade early in my career, after hearing the same word over and over: always.

“We’ve always done that promotion.”

“We’ve always attended that trade show.”

“We’ve always done strategic planning like that.”

I’ve heard those phrases for decades, whether I was designing a direct mail piece, planning a charity fundraiser, or launching a promotion. Every time I heard them, I’d ask, “Why? Does it actually work?” The response was the same each time: “I don’t know. We’ve just always done it that way.”

Eventually, my head exploded in frustration. Living in a world of “always” as the reason to pursue a branding project was not the world I wanted to work in.

Always is fine -- if it actually gets results. But if we’re resorting to always just because we always have, we’re living in fear.

It’s time we were fearless about our brands, fearless within our companies and fearless when we approach marketing. I’m a Fearless Brand Champion and I strive to help Fearless Companies push their brands in new ways.

I’m on a crusade against “always” in branding and corporate culture. Join me.


what's in a name?

No, it's not short for Gertrude. And please don't rhyme it with cutie, booty or fruity. My dad says he just liked the name.

I believe he knew me all along.

Thanks, Dad →

heading into battle?

Fighting for your brand, your corporate culture or even just the desire to ban Crocs from the workplace is hard.

If you need an ally, I'm here for you.

Champions Unite →